Posted by: Adam Roper | May 16, 2009

Summer Records

In honor of the fact that I’m broke, and that it’s almost summer, I thought I would take a minute to acknowledge some great new music I’m listening to. Most of these albums will most likely hold a special place in the heart of my summer-music collection (the stuff you listen to on a rainy day on the back-deck after a long day of work). In the next couple weeks I will try to work on some reviews for some of these records, and post them somewhere here.

Feel free to check out all of these in the next few weeks/ months/years thereafter of the summer.

Patrick Watson: Wooden Arms

Camera Obscura: My Maudlin Career

Dark Was the Night

Mat Kearney: City of Black and White

The Tremulance: Polaroids

St. Vincent: Actor

Pilot Speed (formerly Pilate): Wooden Bones

Sheree Plett: Red Circled Heart and Eisenhaur: Time of Year (not pictured).

Jeff Hawker: Dark Before Dawn



  1. good choices. whats your number one pick? have fun on the island

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