Posted by: Adam Roper | April 28, 2009

kind of blue

An aside: I’m kind of floundering when it comes to knowing what to do with this journal. Originally I had planned to talk about how an artist matures, but then I had four months of looking for work unsuccessfully. As a result I am experiencing the second biggest dry season in my entire life, artistically and creatively speaking. I’ve spent a lot of my time thinking about other artists and other people’s problems, while trying to ignore the fact that my artistic life is kind of falling apart.

But every difficult thing is not without it’s lessons. I’m learning that:
1) The enjoyment of art is a sustaining joy in itself.
2) Every so often everything in life has to break down. For me this happens because I can’t seem to find any substantial reason to re-evaluate my priorities any other way.  If everything was easy I would have no reason to re-evaluate anything I do, and I would probably feel discontent for no apparent reason.
3) I don’t like talking about poetry. It puts too much pressure on me needing to write more of it.
4) I worry too much for my age. I really should be out enjoying life instead of over-analyzing it.
5) Sometimes it is about us (contrary to what some worship leaders have told me in the past). It has to be, or we would never know where we need to grow.

Here is my question of the day: What do artists do with dry seasons? How do we survive?

Let’s continue this conversation.


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