Posted by: Adam Roper | April 7, 2009

a brief introduction

Hi, my name is Adam. I write poems and blogs. I also ride bikes, drink coffee, write in journals, travel very occasionally, and read lots of books. As such I am often broke, because bikes, coffee, journals, travel, and books all cost money (unless you steal them, or are Jeff Hawker).

I officially have three blogs:

1) My Photoblog, where I post pictures of squirrels, trees, and other natury things.
2) This one, where I talk about the arts, creativity, human development, and spiritually things.
and 3) My home blog, where I talk about throwing cats at birds, solving world hunger, rainy days, and driving to big cities to see small bands. It’s pretty much like the best party ever, except I’m the only one there. Sigh…

All of which you will find on the right side of the page, unless you are left handed. Also, I posted tons of places I visit daily there. I do not know how many. I lost count after three, so there must be at least four.

Also also, I’m currently competing in THE GREAT BLOG OFF with my friends Adam, Jeff, Alan, Tony, Jordan, and Frank Warren!!! Woohoo! Frank Warren is not actually competing (as he would likely take all of us to town) and he is not actually my friend (as I would have much fewer secrets…)

Make sure you check out the group and vote for me… or for Tony. Tony’s video journals are really hard to resist, I admit.  Leonard Sweet would be proud.

Questions are always welcome, except the ones that don’t have answers, for instance: “I’m Ron Burgundy?” or “If a tomato was a chicken would it still be a vegetable?” Bah! I’m not down. Ever.

Finally, the title for this blog is from a song by The Innocence Mission, who you should listen you often. Their music is like reading beautiful prose on a rainy day.




  1. nice to meet you sir

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